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This is my design for a lighthouse. I broke it down into 3 parts, the red house, the cylinder, and the observation deck. There is 3 windows and 1 door. Inside is a ladder that goes to the observation deck which has a light that can spin freely.

The lighthouse is about 18 in, 46 cm tall with a 18x18 stud base. The red building is 12x12 studs and the diameter of the cylinder is 12 studs across. The observation deck in 16x16 with a 8x8 stud house for the light with a roof.

What makes this unique is my design to create the cylinder shape. In the image is a close up of how the bricks interlock.

I used a pattern of alternating a 1x2 brick with a 1x1 barrel. Then I stack them in rows but I shift each row 1 stud over. By creating this wall of bricks it is possible to bend the wall into a circle and make a cylinder as big as you want.

Feel free to comment or ask questions.

Front door and view of ladder.

Observation deck with rotating light.

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