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Lego Rescue Mission


Hi, this is the Lego rescue mission model, its a car with many different functions. It would make a good Lego product because its an idea which is big, different and I haven't seen a Lego product like it and I think that people would be able to enjoy playing with it. I made it when I was 15 and thought to put it on.

The interior of the car has seat, gauges, world map hologram and computer in the middle, satnav at the back, walkie-talkie, drill and vehicle controls at the front. now for the exterior of the vehicle vents at the back, missiles at the top, lights at the sides, front and back, plain and tinted windows, gun at the top, grapple hock at the back, big missiles at the sides and the roof that opens. 

I made a colour scheme that goes on the whole vehicle which I think looks good, the red, cream and gray. the size of the vehicle, the width is 14cm, the length is 24cm and the height is 10.5cm.

please follow and support, if you have any comments feel free to put them on, I hope you like, no love my model. 


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