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Lakeside Neighborhood


This is a model I call "Modular Lakeside Neighborhood" because it is a modular neighborhood and one of the base plates represents a lake.

There are three houses, three roofs, a car, a boat, and four minifigures. Each house has an intended roof, but they are all interchangeable. This is part of why the model is modular. Along with roofs that fit all buildings, the houses are on separate baseplates, and can be moved around as pleased. 

The first house is what I call the window house because it has lots of windows, and a clear door. The yard for this house has a tree, a shrub, and some grassy plants. There is an archway around the door, and a simple table and two chairs are the furnishings of this house. There is also a red coffee mug on the table.

The second house is what I call the red accented house, since it is white with a red accent line. The yard has a fence around the door, and a front window ledge. The back window, and front door are opaque yellow and can open. The other windows are lattice. The decorations on the inside of this house include a chair, a clock, desk with brick-built desktop computer, shelf with newspaper, and counter with ruler and wrench tools. The shelf with newspaper has room for another 2 by 2 tile and I think it would be cool to have a picture of the town this model is based off.

The final house is modern in style, having both a sliding glass door, and normal one. The building is white with brick and brick colored accents. The windows are tan outlined, and so is the the window counter. The front door is lined by a tile patio, the window counter has a fresh pie set out on it. On the side of the house is a radar dish because inside of the house, on the wall opposite of the dish is a brick-built television. Furniture includes a table and chair. There is a counter with milk on it, and a hook with backpack on it. The yard for this house has a garden.

What could be considered a lake is the light blue baseplate. It is lined by green tiles on two sides, and has a brown dock in the center. Water plants grow around the edges, and  frog sits in one place. Near the dock are two barrels, one with fishing supplies (a rope and a harpoon) and one with two silver fish.

Roofs fit all houses. The red roof and blue roof have an inside "attic" and the white one doubles as a roof deck. The roof deck includes two chairs, table, telescope, and croissant.

A brown boat is also included. It is a low boat. It fits a captain and two passengers. The captain could sit or stand.

Another vehicle here is the red and maroon car. It fits one passenger and their supplies.

The four minifigures I have made for this set are named Ben, Lauren, Megan, and Boat Guy. Boat guy wears the hat. Ben is the guy without the hat. Megan is the girl in red. Lauren is the girl in navy blue and dark tan. If this were to be made into a real set, I would like to see the LEGO group see the people these minifigures are based off of and make the minifigures in this set even better.

This modular set has infinite possibilities.

I hope you like my model. Please vote for it. Thank you!

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