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Urban Search and Rescue Unit

This here is an Urban Search and Rescue Unit, also known as U.S.A.R. I built this truck for my LEGO fire department. I have been building my own fire apparatus for a long time now and was interested to give this USAR unit another try, as I had one built a while ago. I believe this would make a great LEGO set because it is has some great detail, so it looks great on display, and because I think any child would want this set to add to their LEGO City collection. I have seen the City fire trucks that have come out this year like the new 2021 Fire Command Unit (set number 60282) and I think this could be great for play in addition to using this current LEGO City set. A few features of this MOC is that it is fully moveable, the trailer can be detached from the truck, the trailer rear gate folds down, and you can take out the 2 Lego firefighter mini-figs to use them in play. In the trailer is a ladder and a robot used by real fire agencies to do search and rescue in burning buildings. On the trailer, there is a rope line with a hook, and an engine piece to represent the motor for the winch system. 

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