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Star Wars: the Clone Wars - Barriss' Treachery


This set is from "The Wrong Jedi," Season 5, episode 20 of Star Wars the Clone Wars. Ahsoka Tano has been accused of an act of terrorism, but Anakin thinks otherwise. After confronting Asajj Ventress, Anakin determines that Barriss is the only other person who knew where Ahsoka was. Anakin goes to find out if that is the truth.

At first, Anakin hides his suspicions from Barriss. He asks her a few questions, and each answer she gives increases his suspicion. As he is asking her questions, he pretends to be inspecting her lightsaber. (The blue dinosaur is there in place of a statue that Barriss had in her quarters. To replace it would probably be the idol from Indiana Jones, Temple Escape.)

For the final test, Anakin activated Barriss' lightsaber. Asajj Ventress was attacked, and her lightsabers were stolen from her. If Barriss is the perpetrator, than she could have the lightsabers. Sure enough, as Anakin swings the blade around, Barriss summons Ventress's lightsabers from her pot. By defending herself, she gave herself away.

As the battle gets more intense, they go out into the hall. Anakin brings out his own lightsaber, striking at Barriss from two sides. During their battle, Jedi Sentinels come in to stop the fight. Barriss decides to make a run for it, and breaks through one of the windows. There, she runs into a Jedi Training session going on, being led by Master Tera Sinube. It did not turn out well for Barriss, as two more Sentinels joined in, creating an impenetrable circle. She was arrested shortly afterwards.

This set comes with ten minifigures: Anakin Skywalker (wielding two blue lightsabers), Barriss Offee (wielding Ventress' lightsabers), four Anonymous Sentinels (their faces would need to be printed with a mask design, as shown here:
Jedi Sentinel

Master Sinube, and Padawans Petro, Gungi, and Ganodi. Sinube also appeared in Season 2, Episode 11 to help Ahsoka retrieve her lightsaber, while the Padawans appeared in Season 5, Episode 6, The Gathering.

On each end of the hall, there are connectable pieces, allowing you to collect a series of dorms/halls, and connect them to make one long hall way. There are two windows on each side of the dorm that are able to come off easily, simulating Barriss breaking through the glass. There is also a glow-in-the-dark lamp in the bottom right corner in the dorm images.

I hope you like this set. If you have any ideas of improvement, don't hesitate to let me know.

May the Force be with you.

P.S.-Here is a link to the battle.

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