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X-Men Days of Future Past: Mutant Outpost


X-Men Days of Future Past: Mutant Outpost

"The future: a dark and desolate world... so many battles waged over the years, and yet none of them like this." -Professor X

Based on the 2014 movie adaptation of the 1981 story arc, this set depicts the X-men's battle with the Sentinels of the future, as the place of defending Wolverine's body as his mind goes back in time. The set consists of the temple in China (to which the surviving mutants flee), two Sentinels, and 7 minifigures.


-Professor X


-Kitty Pryde





The Set

The set contains 3 structures: the temple (middle) and two shrines (left and right). The shrine on the right has Bishop's catapult and a storage place for back up ammo. The temple has 2 collapsible pillars in front, an opening/closing door, and inside contains the altar on which Wolverine lies as he is sent back in time. Also included is a hunk of metal debris Magneto uses to barricade the door from the threat of the Sentinels. Iceman has an ice trail with two spring-loaded ice missiles. 

This set has two different Sentinels. One has adaptive fire armor and arm blade and the other has adapted talons. Both Sentinels have articulation in arms and legs, as well as movable fingers and neck. The face on each Sentinel opens up to blast fire at the X-Men.

In total, this set contains 1038 pieces and much playability. The functions include posable Sentinels, spring loaded ice missiles, collapsible pillars, opening door, Bishop's stud blasting gun, and pivoting functional catapult. All minifigures are custom. This set would be a great comic book-based movie set fun for children and adults alike. Please support and share this project. Don't forget to leave a comment and follow this project as well. Thanks!

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