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Link's Dream


In the Kokiri Forest, all the forest children have their own guardian Fairies, bestowed upon them by the Great Deku Tree, except for one boy, Link. Link's adventure begins with his nightmares of a girl fleeing from an evil man in black with his dreadful steed. This dream eventually comes true.

This set features Link's dream. It includes the bridge that joins Hyrule Castle's market with Hyrule Field which appears in Link's dream. It also includes the minifigure versions of Link, Ganondorf and his steed.

I built this set because it has a simple yet elegant design and, for the past years, people have been claiming a LEGO Zelda set. Many Zelda sets have reached 10,000 supporters but none of them have made it through the reviews. But as long as we don't have a definite "no", Zelda projects will still have hope.

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