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The East Gate


"Welcome to the annual East Gate Railroad event."

As every year we celebrate the day of the train where the fans of these giants will enjoy as children.
This model is a tribute to the set 2150 from 1996 which I have a lot of appreciation for, a very complete and fun set, in which the trains seemed majestic in it. In this model, the concept of a higher central nucleus and two wings, in this case vaults, is maintained.

From the platform we can access the station restaurant located on the first floor, where travelers can enjoy the best food. To rest after lunch the minifigures can access the balcony of the station to watch the trains go by.

The East gate was designed and built in the 19th century with 14th century influences on the concept of the dome and some supporting elements, such as columns and arches. The metal structures of the vault (black) are more typical of the century of construction of the station as well as the use of a glass cover to facilitate the entry of light and cover the minifigures from the rain.

Built in modules and with a size of 64x32 studs, the model includes 2995 pieces, among which are the East Gate station, the steam train and 5 minifigures.The track width allows famous and big locomotives like the Emerald Green and the Crocodile to pass through it.

"Many times the wrong train ends up taking us to the right place, because the train does not pass once, it passes every day"

Thank you very much.

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