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Treasure hunt on the river Nile

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I present to you the Cairo Queen

As they going down the river Nile, more and more treasures are found. How further there trusted paddle boat brings them... More mystical creatures of Egypt come along! Since they entered the Nile, a big crocodile named Slim follows every move they make.

The paddle boat they are travelling with is the 'Cairo Queen' named after the city where it was originally build. This boat is made for adventure,and will find it on it's way!

The set includes: Paddle boat, motorcycle, 6 minifigs, crocodile and a lot of cargo.

About the build:

i build this paddle boat back in 2011. When I first got the idea to build a paddle boat, it was hard to find a good example, cause all the good photo's I found where from typical tourist paddle boats. So after a long search I found some old drawings and together with some new photo's I started to sketch, so this Paddle boat is inspired by the original River Nile boats, but is completely made up!

The boat measures 83 studs long, 18 studs wide (30 studs with the wheels), and 28 studs high. The colours I used are: Black, white, tan, dark red, brown, grey and dark grey.

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