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Brickheadz : Zues and Hoplite

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 This is the Zues and Hoplite units from T.A.B.S ( Totally Accurate Battle Simulator ). In the game there's a sandbox mode where you test out battles on two teams, the red team and the blue team. In the Brickheadz version I made red Zues and a blue hoplite. The Zues unit uses chain lightning and the hoplite unit is one of the most skilled units.

 I made this set because recently I have been into T.A.B.S and I love Brickheadz. As you could see I made two units from my favourite faction in T.A.B.S. Tabs is a really fun game and I want see two units in a Brickheadz form. Lately I've heard of LEGO Ideas and wanted to post Brickheadz on it. I wanted to see the first Brickheadz on LEGO Ideas to show how much I like Brickheadz.

 I think this would make a good set is because even if you don't know about T.A.B.S if you're a fan of history you can still recognisable as Zues and a hoplite.

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