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Ice Scavengers Hovercopter


I often enjoy building creations from made-up worlds. Here, we have the ice-themed scavengers battling the lone bow-wielding vigilante in their Hovercopter. Perhaps they live in a frozen wasteland, battling for resources, or maybe they're an elitist clan oppressing the common folk, with the vigilante the only one to fight back. Are the scavengers human? What are they after? You decide!

The quadcopter model features an opening cockpit, two disk-shooters, a weapon rack and a removable extra seat on the back, rotating propellers, headlight elements, a large rotating ice-blast piece on the underside, and lots of icy transluscent light-blue elements. The propellers have small wheels on the bottom so that the model can be rolled on the ground for propeller spinning action.

For accessories, the set features two ice-print disks to fire, a blue crystal to power the hovercopter, a dark-metallic grey sword, a chain-mace featuring a light blue crystal on the end, a black compound bow element, and three minifigures: the Vigilante, the Ice Scavenger Pilot, and the Ice Scavenger General.

The inspiration for the model came one morning when I wondered if I could make a vehicle with a working propeller-spinning function. In about five minutes, I had the basic "x" holding the props as well as the protruding cockpit. I built from there, and came up with the ice idea from the large ice-blast piece I got off of Stormer from the Hero Factory: Brain Attack series. Over a long time I have added minor adjustments, most notably on how to add a rear compartment. Earlier models featured a bulky but removable comparment with walls and a roof. In the end, among my creations, this remains one of my personal favorites.

I believe Lego builders will enjoy this set for its compact yet simple details, as it offers a small, affordable model for both play and display. 

For final details, one may notice I have borrowed a torso and head from an elf figure from the Hobbit theme. I only used this to offer an idea for how I imagined the Vigilante to look. If this were to become a set, the character could be changed. However, the two Ice Scavengers are original and feature custom-drawn heads. As for the hovercopter itself, I complied with all normal Lego compatibility laws (such as jumping from wall to flat-level, or from center-hole to level). If the model were to end up as a set, I would not change much, except perhaps lengthening the propellors with rounded 1x5x1s. However, if the whole model were to be proportionally enlarged, a larger passenger/cargo compartment could be added on the back. Also, I would find a place to add stud-shooters, because I just love stud-shooters, and they add a fun play function!

I hope you guys enjoy this! Please support if you like it!

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