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Mercedes G63 6x6

Mercedes G63 6x6 is other version of classic G63. This extreme off-roader has got 5,8 meters long, 2 meters wide and 2,2 meters high in real life! Under his hood is 5,5 litres V8 block with 544 horsepowers, thanks to this he drive max 160km/h and his accelation to 100km/h is only 6s, although his weight is 3700kg!
My project has got 366 parts and I spent 3 days on creating it. It has got openable hood with engine, in the back I installed 1 spare wheel.
I built it, because cars and LEGO is my passion and I wanted try build my first MOC car in the computer program.
I think my model will be great set, because it is very nice looking and it has got some custom ideas.
If you like my moc, please vote. :)

( If I did some mistakes in the tekst, sorry for my English, I'm from Poland)

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