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Lego Minecraft Microworlds: Plains biome and Mob spawner

This is my second lego minecraft microworlds project, a planes biome and a mob spawner underground.
Please support, comment, and enjoy!
Please post ideas of other expansions you think I should add.

Close up of the mob spawner chamber.

This build includes 2 skeleton archers and steve in iron armor.
As the heroic bows(smaller size bows) are not yet on LDD, I had to make do with these Minifig size bows. I will take a picture of the skeletons in reality with the correct scale bows.

With all parts separated.

A top-down photo of the underground section. This includes a nice waterfall, the mob spawner chamber, a lava lake with some diamonds, and a small chamber with some gold.


please check out my other project:
This is an NPC village.

I will also be creating a new set, agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., to commemorate the new show coming Tuesdays this fall.

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