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Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

Hey Swifties, this is my take on the biggest tour of all time: the Eras Tour!

This set was meant to bring you to the stands of the tour, so I included as many details as possible. There are working confetti machines hidden in the removable stage lights, 4 rising platforms, and a LOT of props. I'm talking props from 22, Blank Space, Look What You Made Me Do, Betty, Tolerate It, Lavander Haze, Midnight Rain, Vigilante Sh.., and the acoustic section! There are also 8 flames, 4 lasers, and 4 smoke pieces that can be attached to the stage for recreations of Cruel Summer, Don't Blame Me, Karma, and more. And no need to worry about having a cluttered display; all props and effects fit under the main stage and the T-section of the stage.

The two sided Lover House/"Taylor Swift" background can be removed and replaced with a smartphone that can play videos from the tour itself! There are doors that lead to backstage and, of course, there's a removable section of the stage for the famous dive. But my favorite part is the janitor cart Taylor definitely *doesn't* hide in to get onto stage inconspicuously.

There are also 4 background musicians that can double as dancers as well as 2 versions of Taylor Swift; one in a dress, and one in a body suit. You can also pack the stadium with Swifties by putting your own minifigures on the baseplate!

At roughly 1,271 pieces, I think this set is perfect for collectors and casual fans alike. If you like it, make sure to lend some support!

Disclaimer: this is my first set designed using bricklink studio. I had to make do with the little knowledge I had on creating and rendering this set. For example, I couldn't figure out how to make stickers to put on the panels on the stage background, how to find some bricks, or how to custom create minifigure torsos/faces. But overall, this set was a blast to make, and I think it turned out pretty well! I hope you think so too :)

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