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Fortress Palace

A fortress/palace set idea with an elegant aesthetic in scope. Perfect on it's own or alongside your castle, architecture, city or other idea sets! Currently designed at a total of 2906 parts in total. The palace build alone without the figures and other constructions such as the boat comes to a lower 2678 parts.

At the very front of the set is an elegant little tree. Sloped in front of a rope bridge leading to the palace gate. A white pigeon is nested on the leaves. Some apples are also included. Besides the tree is a stone column with lit fire.
The sides of the palace can open allowing more space and play/display area.

On this opened lower level there is the back of the secret stone cliff side door, a weapon rack and a bath below the throne.

When it's fully opened up it make the set look measurably even bigger. Especially when seen from the front. In this mode it allows a good backdrop to go along with other sets or stop-motion animation use.
There is a fishing area on one side of the set. With a small dock.
The other side there is a small balcony. As well as a secret door in the stone cliff.
The balcony with a gong and mirror. Decorations and candles drape along the sides of the towers.
Below the balcony on the other side lays a large bed equip with a fabric cover (spider web part). Furniture is present on the sides of the bed.
On the back there is the hall. Now shown on it's enclosed form.
A dangling bench and bed are situated at the back in a pseudo room at the far back.
Why I believe it will make a worthy set:

  • refreshing theme
  • many interesting minifigure opportunities for inclusion for the set
  • New use of colors for the buildings
  • highly packed with details

Thanks for reading and clicking on the project! Considering giving a support if you liked it and/or even a follow for any future projects.

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