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XXXG-01S Shenlong Gundam

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Hello fellow Lego addicts!

This is my attempt to make a Gundam model using Lego. I am surprised to be honest that no one, from what I know, has ever done this particular one before, since the Gundam Wing series is very popular.
I chose Shenlong because it is one of my favourite Gundam designs.

People who have watched Gundam Wing will know that the level of detail on the models is very high. The designers incorporated elements of multiple cultures in the mech design, and the result had a lot of diversity in it. Furthermore, in the anime world there is a very strange way the body parts of a humanoid are sized. But then, there is not even a 1:2 or 1:3 relationship between them. In Lego terms this cannot be translated easily. So the size of the final model actually helped represent most of the details of the original design and keep the analogies as much as possible.

The way I built the model, was the old school way. I had my first model back in 1989, when Lego were much different than they are today. The shapes available where basic and there were not any luxuries such as ready- made hands or pre- shaped heads. Yes, the results nowadays are much more refined, but I think I liked the part where you had to squeeze your brain in order to find a way to build a part.
One of my first priorities during the building procedure, was to multi- connect the pieces between them, especially on the larger parts of the model and make it as sturdy as possible.
The model as you can see is fully articulated. The “Dragon Fang” arm is expandable and can do a mini transformation.

Now let’s get to the point of this actually happening as a real product. I think the strongest potential is the fan base of people that love the Gundam saga. Even though it is a 4000+ brick model, and the price tag is going to be over 300$, it should interest the Gundam collectors around the globe. Either way, it is now your choice to decide whether you want to see Shenlong being made or not, by voting and spreading the word. Thanks for stopping by!

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