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DNA Double Helix (Basic)

Here is another double helix model. This one is designed to be simpler and more easy to assemble (compared to my previous submission).

The idea for this model came from the need to use Lego to build a simple representation of the double helix, using fewer pieces to keep the cost down. This was achieved by using a single cross-axle beam, rather than several cylindrical pieces to go across.

Hence this model requires 29 levels (or tiers) to achieve 1 full revolution (360 degrees). This equates to 58 bricks and 29 cross axles.

The aim of this project was to provide a simple DNA model which can be used as an attractive sculpture at home, or something for education use in the classroom. This model being more basic in construction is more rigid and would enable it to be examined and / or passed around a classroom.

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