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Wall Mountable Chessboard

This idea dawned on me when my son and I had to move our chess game, the pieces fell off, and a phenomenal game we wanted to continue was ruined. I vowing that day to create a chessboard we could play where this would not happen again. I decided to create a wall mountable chessboard with the LEGO pieces, as I could ensure the pieces stuck to the board, yet could easily be removed when needed.

This wall mountable chessboard was built to meet various lifestyles and environments. It’s great for your home, parties, classrooms, workplaces and public spaces. It can be played with family, friends, colleagues or strangers. When two players have scheduling conflicts, they can play at their own schedules, while not worrying about impacts to the board over time. During parties its great to have the board at eye level, and in a coffee shop it creates a sense of mystery. Teaching people how to play chess with a wall mounted chessboard allows everyone to see it, instead of having to hover over the board on a table.

This Wall Mountable Chessboard LEGO set would attract international interest, as Chess remains one of the greatest tabletop games in the world. The simplicity of this build is suitable for all ages, and a great set for anyone to own.

My son and I would really love your support in helping us have this idea become a reality. Share this idea with anyone you believe would support it, and kindly share amongst any Chess clubs and enthusiasts out there.

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