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Disney Aladdin Cave of Wonders


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"Who disturbs my slumber?"

Welcome to a magical place! The Cave of Wonders. It has now been opened with the golden scarab and only "Diamonds in the rough" are allowed into this magical cave. Do you dare enter? This majestic tiger head holds the forbidden treasure from the Classic Disney movie "Aladdin". There's a lot of great details presented on this model, making it look as close to the original tiger as possible. Even the ears can move and be positioned the way you want to.

Besides the Cave of Wonders, you find the different characters:
  1. Aladdin
  2. Abu
  3. Magic Carpet
  4. Genie and his lamp
  5. Jafar and his horse
  6. Lago
  7. The Golden Scarab Beetle

It was made, because it's such an iconic scene from the movie, where a lot of things take place and is an important part of the story. This is one of my absolute favourite Disney movies, with great characters and a thrilling story. Not many Aladdin sets have ever been made, and if a new set should be made, this would be it. For me, it was a no-brainer, especially with the movie having a 30 years anniversary in 2022.

A set like this would make a great model, for either playing out the scenes with all the characters or displaying on a shelf. It looks great from all angles. The world of Disney is beloved by people all over the world, and this should be a part of every Disney fans collections.

Thanks for reading and showing interest in this project. Share if you like it. Let's make this happen, so the Cave of Wonders will never be buried beneath the sand.

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