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Dol Guldur

The ruins of Dol Guldur are a creation of the writer, J.R.R Tolkien. Dol Guldur used to be a city owned by the elves of Mirkwood, however orcs took it over and reduced it to the ruined state I depicted it as in this build. 
               You can see this ruined city in the movie trilogy, the Hobbit, and I tried my best to replicate it in my build.
This build has no Minifigures (other than two skeletons) because I built it to be a display piece, however it is fully playable and stable.
               My build depicts one center piece of the ruin with two adjoining pieces and a statue on its own pedestal. The four sections can be taken apart and are connected by pins. I added this feature because I wanted to show each piece of the build separately. However it also makes playability easier.
               Please consider supporting this and I would love to hear all of your feedback!

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