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Untitled Starfighter

I have created a (from what I know) completely unique spaceship. The idea came to me when I was rewatching Jurassic Park, how the pterodactyls used their monstrous wings as an extra pair of legs to support themselves. This build would be perfect for a $30-60 set, I really don't care how you implement or how you change the build, I just wish to receive the final product to compare (if I get that lucky :) ). 

Things I will be working on in the future:
There are a couple of things I still need to work on in the future and would appreciate any help with it. Right now the wings are connected to each other by one "axle 6" piece and when you pick the ship up the wings just kind of flow down with the force of gravity. I would like to construct a series of gears that can let you move the ship's wings using the afterburner or jet in the back (by twisting it). Moreover, I don't really like the design of the exhaust in the front but I still haven't come up with a better way of hiding the hinge that holds the windscreen.

I also have fully working constructions using 2.0 (Bricklink)!!

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