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The definitive chess set!
Chess is an incredible game, and lego chess deserve an awesome box. This is a concept of a modular chess box that allows for the creation of many variations of chess!
Chess variants are exciting ways to mix things up and test you chess skills while having so much fun!

About the set
The brick-built chess box is a modular chess board with 4 complete sets of regular pieces (white, blue, red and black) – for playing four player chess, and 4 complete chess boards, which allow for the creation of any size of table, up to 16x16. It also have the platforms to play 3D chess, with three boards stacked! And 16 variation pieces with custom lego cards that teach the movements of each piece!

All the modules – boards, pieces, variants, platforms, cards – are organized and fit inside the main box, which is in itself a beautiful decoration object! It even includes a lego chess clock!

The box is very integrated, for sure you will love to build it!

All squares are modular!
Each of the 256 squares is modular, and they can be combined in a myriad of ways! Fun never ends! And with 16 possible variants, the possibilities of different games is almost infinite! You could play every hour of every day for a lifetime and would never need to repeat a single game!

The story behind this Set
I love chess variations, but with so many different boards and pieces, buying them all would be impractical. But modularity allow for Lego to do the best with chess: a revolution. Unlock all possibilities and play the game you want, with just one Lego set!

If you've always dreamed of having a beautiful Lego chess box, or is passionate about trying new and exciting games, this set it for you!
With your support, hopefully we can turn the chessmaster set into an actual LEGO Ideas set.

Thank you all for your support, comments and shares!

Ps: some photos had to be cropped. But there are card for all the 16 variations (amazon, archbishop, buffalo, camel, cannon, chameleon, chancellor, coordinator, courtesan, elephant, grasshopper, immobilizer, joker, pegasus, rose, unicorn), with its movements and figure. Also, the boxes inside the main box fit all the pieces for all the variants.

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