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Colour Guards® - an Exciting LEGO Board Game of Strategy and Tactics!


Father and son, Mark and Josh, would like to welcome you to the world of Colour Guards®!

Colour Guards is a fun and exciting dice based board game of tactics and strategy, for 2, 3 or 4 players.

Using only authentic LEGO brand parts and your imagination you create a game board with a fresh and new scenery layout for every game. This unique aspect of Colour Guards means that your game experience will be different every time you play!  

Colour Guards has been extensively playtested and has a very broad appeal – boys and girls, young and old, both serious and occasional gamers. It is ideal for players of different ages and so it is a perfect way for families spend time together. It also provides a fun form of mental maths practice as players choose how to allocate a maximum total dice roll of 20.

Each player has a team of pieces comprising two styles of LEGO Minifigures along with a Flag protected by a LEGO Figure (their Colour Guard). The two types of LEGO Minifigures move in different ways, (think of the Bishops and Rooks in chess!) Players choose where to move their LEGO Minifigures based on their dice throw and a number of other factors including their own tactics, the barriers created by the LEGO scenery and their opponents’ strategy.

The objective of Colour Guards is to capture your opponents’ Colour Guard and bring their Flag back to your base, whilst at the same time trying to defend your own Flag!

Imagine the possibilities offered by the LEGO Colour Guards board game - the opportunity to create truly eye catching 3D terrain layouts and the fun of moving your LEGO Minifigures around the board, trying to capture your opponents' Minifigures and Colour Guard and, with some luck, bringing their precious Flag back to your base! 

Players can use as much or as little strategy as they wish - the dice introduces that element of chance, (and, of course, frustration or joy!), so allowing less tactical or skilled players to compete with more experienced veterans.

Player interest is maintained throughout each game due to the many twists and turns, the difficulty in predicting the winner and the impact of the simple, but effective, Rules of Play.

Approximate play time using two x 10-sided dice is roughly 30 minutes.

The game has been extensively playtested to consistently positive feedback and was shortlisted in the 'Best Strategic Game' category at the UK Games Expo.

What playtesters have said about Colour Guards...

"Easy to grasp and simple to learn yet still containing massive strategic potential!"

“I'm a huge fan of the fact it lets me set up the board the way I want - it adds hugely to the replay value”


“I have almost as much fun setting things up as I do playing the game!"

“My kids loved it!’

“I liked the fact that the game play can develop at a different pace depending on your approach”

“I love that it encourages strategic thinking whilst remaining so accessible and easy to understand.”




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