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Lego Stargate SG-1: F.R.E.D.

Expanding the Lego Stargate SG-1 range is the Field Remote Expeditionary Device (F.R.E.D.) along with another SGC team specialising in archaeological expeditions to alien worlds. F.R.E.D. carries equipment for the SGC teams through the Stargate and allows base camps to be set up.

This SGC team is comprised of a commander, a videographer with camera, an archaeologist with metal detector and magnifying glass, a demolitions expert to protect the team as well as help the archaeologists.

F.R.E.D is also fully loaded with various crates, cookers, machines and supplies to allow the expedition to last several weeks.

This is part of my SG-1 range, be sure to check out and support the other kits in my projects list!

Alternate view of F.R.E.D. and the SGC team.

View from above showing a fully loaded F.R.E.D. and the new team.

All the equipment the expedition needs in the back of F.R.E.D.

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