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Rise Of The Crystal Blades


Behold the first Spinjitzu Master black smith cave. This is the beginning of the crystal blades. Whats in this set is the first spinjitzu master, crystal blades ( red fire, blue lightning, brown earth, white ice ), crystal stones, tea pot, cup, and mat, fire pit, tools, anvil and a little pool of water to cool off the heat.

In this set help the first spinjitzu master to create the blades use your Imagination to turn the crystal stones into the powerful crystal blades. This set contains 350 pieces and also contains spinjitzu. I made this set small that everyone can afford and I thought that it is really cool this way. Features are roof goes up and down you can put something in the fire pit and you can drink tea. And you can actually spin around the spinjitzu (or you can call it a top ). Hope you like it

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