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Valiant is one of the only mech suits to have a proper cockpit where the mini figure can traditionally sit inside. 

I don't really remember what inspired Valiant, but everytime I think or gaze at it, it makes me think of neo-knights, futuristic knights, or just knights with modern technology; why? Probably because of that sword. I always wanted that kind of sword style every since the constraction figures for LEGO Legends of Chima came out. Now I finally have that sword with an epic mech suit to go with it. 

Here's a brief bio on Valiant, featured on my website which is kinda still in the works: Every team needs reconnaissance and MEM (Mobile Exo-Frome Machines) Squad's, Blake Shalton, a father and a miner, with his MEM, Valiant is up for the job. Valiant, is armed with a DER (Double-Edged Recon) Blade with a detachable Pistol Turret, and Uus (Ununseptium) Battle Cannon with a detachable Electro Launcher Blake uses when on foot.

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