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The Serum Lab 2144


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It is the year 2144, Marie is an expert scientist in chemistry and nanotechnology who investigates a cure against UV degradation and scratches, on the other hand the same serum in bad hands, is capable of generating a super force in the minifigures. Her laboratory is secret and is located in the suburbs of Brickcity, this way her enemies will have it harder to find such precious power. Everything seemed calm until new information arrived, a spy is loose in the city and Marie will have to count on her best friend Eria to be alert, a task that will not be easy for the spy.



-Marie: Scientist and creator of the new serum.
-Eria: Past unknown, martial arts and security expert
-Catherine: Shopkeeper
-Izan: passerby with cybernetic improvement in vision.
-Bruce: cheff with cybernetic improvement in the leg


Essentially a tribute to the Cyberpunk Concept, this model is inspired by several films and games such as Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, Akira, Total Recall, Johnny Mnemonic. Tron, and Ghost in the Shell ... among other titles.

I think that cyberpunk and LEGO aesthetics are very good and innovative allies that can generate great futuristic stories in your own home.

The three-story building includes the super runner 3000 car, the latest news from Cyber-bricks

-Ground  floor: In it we find Marie's garage and kitchen, outside, Catherine's shop and on the other side Bruce's oriental food stall.

-First floor: Bedroom, bathroom and research table, outside, two balconies with sliding doors

-Second floor: Cyber lab and terrace, through the terrace you can access the roof of the building.

It is an independent creation that adding or removing parts on its sides can be attached to the official line of modular editions.

For any questions about the model, do not hesitate to ask, you can can see changes and new pics  thanks to the updates. For everything else I hope you enjoy the project. Thank you very much for your support and trust.

Bricky B.





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