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Don Quixote Against the Windmill

" At that moment they discovered thirty or forty windmills that there are in this plain, and as soon as Don Quixote saw them, he said to his squire :

Fortune drives our business better than our very desire could ever do. Look, friend Sancho; here are before us at least thirty inordinate giants, to whom I am thinking of fighting and taking the lives of all of them while they are still alive. With their spoils we shall begin to enrich ourselves, for it is a good thing, and it is a great service to God to make such an evil spawn disappear from the face of the earth.

 What giants? asked Sancho Panza.

 Those you see over there, replied his master, with their big arms, for there are some who have them almost two leagues long.

— Beware, replied Sancho, what we see there are not giants, but windmills, and what appears to be their arms are their wings, which, turned by the wind, make the millstone turn in their turn."


Don Quixote against the Windmill is a set with approximately 915 bricks.
It is made up of the famous windmill, which Don Quixote believes to be a giant that he has to face.
At his side, his faithful sidekick Sancho tries to reason with him.

It was a pleasure to build this set and to immerse myself in the world of Miguel de Cervantes with his famous book : Don Quixote (original title in Spanish : El ingenioso hidalgo don Quixote de la Mancha).
I am convinced that this set would have its place in the hands of children wishing to relive the adventures of the knight Don Quixote. And that it would also have its place on the shelves of older fans.

Thank you very much for supporting me in this project !
I hope you will have as much fun playing with it, as I enjoyed making it.

A big thanks you to all of you !

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