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Cast Away

My proposal for a product idea is this entry based on Cast Away.

Cast Away is a 2000 survival drama film directed and produced by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, and Nick Searcy. Tom Hanks plays as Chuck Noland, a system analyst executive of FedEx. After a plane crash, Chuck is stranded on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific, where he must learn to survive for the next years, attempting to escape the island and reunite with the people he knew.

Why I built it:
The reason I decided to build a set based on this movie was because I feel it deserves to be immortalized as an official LEGO. The movie has many iconic moments, one of the most famous when Chuck Noland has a conversation with his friend, Wilson the Volleyball. The movie is predominantly a one-man show and actor Tom Hanks perfectly captures an unforgettable role that demonstrates how the sanity of a stranded person can be affected. Various elements in the movie provide symbolism and deeper analysis for the viewer which makes it all the more entertaining.

My proposal, which consists of 1929 pieces, includes the main feature of the movie, the island, alongside four smaller elements that still have an important role in the movie: the office of Chuck Noland, a diorama of the plane crash portion, the boulder, where Chuck wrote his message on after leaving the island, and a FedEx delivery truck with shipping boxes in its compartment. Additionally, there is a display stand for 6 of the 7 figures in the build (stranded Chuck is on the island build) which are listed in the following order as they are placed on the display plate: Pilot Albert Miller (Vince Martin), Bettina Peterson (Lari White) as the person who sent the package with the golden wings, Jerry Lovett (Chris Noth) as Kelly's husband, Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) as the main character, Stan (Nick Searcy) as Chuck's friend, and Kelly Frears (Helen Hunt) as Chuck's ex-girlfriend. Each portion can be detached from the island main build. The delivery truck can be detached from its base and a minifigure can be placed inside. The smaller bases can also be interconnected with each other. The island features the Chuck Noland figure alongside Wilson, the seaside with a beach, and a rocky hill. The palm trees, fire place, and raft can all be detached from the main build. Wilson can be attached to the raft build. The hill's top part can be detached and give a better look into the cave, which features items collected by Chuck such as cassettes, the ice skate (later used as a spear), and the package with the golden wings. I tried to put as much detail as possible in every element such as including a mechanism that would allow the raft's plastic sail to be raised and lowered.

With your support, this proposal could be given a chance to become reality and allow people to enjoy Cast Away in LEGO form.

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