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The Lego Sandlot


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The Sandlot is a classic sports movie from 1993. This is still one of my favorite movies to watch and is my favorite sports movie. In this creation, there is the sandlot, a minifigure of Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez, and an oversized depiction of the Beast (otherwise known as Hercules). This set would be cool to display or play with and is for any age.

I am going to be making some Brickheadz sets next. Comment down below on what I should make and I will try to make some popular suggestions!

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The Sandlot:
The sandlot is the main setting for most of the movie. In this version it is miniaturized for the purpose of display. It has...
  • 66 pieces
  • The treehouse from multiple scenes of the movie
  • The green wall where the Beast is behind
  • 4 bases
  • 1 pitchers mound

Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez:
The Jet is one of the two main characters from the Sandlot. It has...
  • 4 pieces

The Beast:
The Beast was actually a mastiff, but throughout the beginning of the movie was portrayed as a huge "beast". This Beast is supposed to be of the perception of what it was at the beginning of the movie. It has:
  • 196 pieces
  • A moveable tale
  • 4 moveable legs

Play features:
This sets has many play features for kids and adults to play with. It has...
  • 266 pieces
  • 1 minifigure
  • Mini Sandlot for play or display
  • The Beast which can be played with

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