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Artist Building

Hello friends my creation is designed for two artists to live, a writer and a painter was designed in the dimensions of 16x32, since LEGO® does not have a modular line, so narrow that, although it is a slim 16x32 building, the details  that we find here make this set a wonderful complement to your cities.

The idea was born out of the need to create a narrow building, which helps to vary and further expand its beautiful city.  It is undoubtedly a model for experts, but it can be built in less time, without losing the beauty of a building and if you like you can accompany yourself with a friend or only if you are a solitary builder.

  The upper part of the ceiling is for the painter to live, outdoors and with his vegetable garden.  He must have this space since his paintings must be dried in the sun, in addition to inspiring from there.  Birds also come to cheer up their whistling afternoons and if there are birds there is a cat on the prowl.  The roof uses a more Japanese style of construction or so I thought, well with LEGO® everything is possible and everything is incredible.

On the front, we find many windows that help the sunlight to enter, so our writer can write and not harm his sight, as our artists are very busy in their creations, they neglected the vine in the front and it grew and grew, for  that looks like that but it is not a problem, you have to call the gardener, who put a ladder and forgot the scissors.  My model has only 1194 pieces.

  I expect my modular model in 16x32 stud, although it is narrow, they like it and if it is approved, we will have a new modular line, and thus we will vary and expose our cities.

  I hope to contribute and inspire others to create!  that cities become beautiful with thin buildings

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