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La La Land

This model is a tribute to one of my favorite movies, “LA LA LAND”. It is meant to showcase what I see as the most important things in the movie: The classic “A lovely night” scene:

The place were Sebastian plays the “Mia and Sebastian’s theme”:

The “Start a fire” scene:

The SEB’S logo:

And just for fun, the LA LA LAND words as a decoration, the words are made to look like they are in the same font as the actual letters, which are in Ryoichi Tsunekawa’s Art Deco Typeface:

This model is very intricate and contains many movie-accurate details, for example the tip jar on the piano in the bar. I believe this model would make an excellent LEGO Ideas set, as an addition to other movie/TV-show related sets!

I really enjoy the movie, and really enjoyed building this model. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

Thanks for reading!


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