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Mad Scientist's Lab


About This Project

This is my attempt at building a mad scientist's lab. Where him and his apprentice conduct their experiments. The building can open in half to see inside the first floor and access the inside. To make accessing the inside even easier I made the roof and greenhouse capable of coming off and on as needed easily. To access the inside of the greenhouse I made the front wall capable of opening and closing. Also the roof can open and close too. There is a control panel on the exterior by the front door that is used to input your password to enter the building. Also on the exterior of the first floor are two energy tanks. On the roof is a solar energy collection system and satellite dish. Which can be used for communication or to focus the solar energy into a weapon. There is also four perch spots for Bobo who takes care of security by keeping an eye out for trouble. Also on the roof is the greenhouse which is accessed by a staircase inside the lab. Inside the greenhouse is where he conducts all his plant based experiments. There is a desk with some takeout, formulas, a jar, a mug, and a couple experiments. There is a computer beside his desk with some drawers underneath. There is two potted plant experiments growing away with eyes. Then there is his biggest accomplishment yet with plants the half plant half guy. Plant guy! He is currently growing two of them. One he planted upside down by accident. There is some tools as well in the greenhouse like a shovel, a wrench, a watering can, and a fire extinguisher. On the exterior of the greenhouse is a storage tank as well. On the first floor is the transformation station that the mad scientist created to splice DNA. With it he has created Fly guy who is half fly and half guy. Also on his half of the lab he has a large table with a spot to eat as well as some tools, formulas, and a microscope. Beside that is more tools ans on the wall above it all is a large shelf holding a lot of formulas, a couple books, and a mineral sample. Also in the corner is the terrible terror bot's sword and a fire extinguisher. In the corner by the door is a white board on the wall. The other half of the first floor is the apprentice's side where she has her robotics lab. There she is working on her terrible terror bot. The work bed for the terror bot can be moved with the wheel on the side of the base. The robot energizer(which is the dish above the workbed.)can be raised and lowered as needed. There is a large table for her as well which has her spare robot heads, a microscope, some take out, a cookie, a jug of hot chocolate and a mug, and some flowers. Above that on the wall is a shelf with some formulas, a jar of eyes, and an experiment on it. Above that is a clock on the wall. Beside the table and under the stairs is a small bookshelf with books, a radio, and some formulas on it. Also under the stairs is a storage drum, a garbage can, and a old newspaper. She has another shelf above the workbed that has an action figure, some formulas, and a potted plant with eyes.

Play Features:

  • Building can split in two and open/close for access to the inside.
  • The roof and greenhouse can detach to access the inside easily.
  • The roof of the greenhouse can open/close.
  • The front wall of the greenhouse can open/close.
  • The solar panels can spin 360 degrees and tilt up and down to follow the sun through the sky.
  • The satellite dish can spin 360 degrees and tilt back and forth.
  • The transformation station opens and closes.
  • The workbed can tilt back and forth.
  • The robot energizer can raise and lower as needed.
  • Front door opens and closes.


  • Three minifigures. The mad scientist and two plant guys.
  • Izzy the mad scientist's apprentice and robot girl.
  • Bobo the flying eye and head of security.
  • The terrible terror bot with sword.
  • Many minifigure accessories. Most you can see in the pictures or I named them earlier.(I think.)

If you like this set idea please support, follow, and share. Thank you very much for your time and support.


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