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Santa Claus's Factory

The Santa Claus's Factory is an incredible LEGO construction that represents the beating heart of Christmas activity.

My idea is to union the tradition to the new technologies, that help to reduce the elves work. In fact, this creation embodies the fusion of Christmas tradition and technological innovation, creating a captivating and engaging environment.

For me this set is ideal for several reasons: it captures the Christmas spirit with the detailed representation of Santa's activity, mixes tradition and technological innovation and offers many play opportunities thanks to the factory and the train. Allows expansion of the game with the ability to add tracks and integration with other sets. It is ideal as a Christmas decoration under the tree, creating a festive atmosphere.

The set is compose by the big elements: the factory, the train and the big snowman:

Inside the first, little elves work to produce a wide range of toys. Given the volume of work, robots were built to assist the elves in loading the presents onto the sleigh and train. These serve to ensure efficient distribution of gifts around the world.
The train is motorized and the set can improve with the binaries.

There are also many details, such as the elves playing with the snow, one elf clearing the snow from the entrance path, the robot loading the presents onto the train and Santa Claus drinking tea.

The total number of parts is 2105 pieces and the base are 44 x 44 cm.

Update: fixed some details of the model's interior

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