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LEGO American Pickers


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Being a huge history buff and picker myself, I love History Channel's American Pickers. American Pickers follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel the country in their van in search of rusty gold buried in people's barns or attics. As Frank likes to say, they'll buy anything that they think they can make a buck on. With the help of Mike's long-time friend, Danielle Colby (who runs their shop, Antique Archaeology, and is their assistant), they can check out amazing places filled with wonderous and rusty items!

I have always wanted to make an American Pickers set, and I have finally gotten off my lazy but and built one! This set includes Mike and Frank, as well as a large pile of junk, and their Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. More stuff will come in future updates.

The goal of this set is to encourage kids to dig through their LEGO collections and find those unique pieces that only come in a few sets. Some examples of these will come in future updates. I hope to inspire a new generation of pickers, but this set is only the beginning. If you like my idea, feel free to support this project and if you have any suggestions, please comment! Thanks!

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