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Narnia: Aslan's Camp


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The battle for Narnia is about to begin! A dryad has just arrived bringing Peter Pevensie news from his sisters that Aslan is dead, slain by the White Witch! Now Aslan's army must mobilize for war. Peter will have to look inside himself to find courage and strength for the coming battle. But with loyal followers at his back, a good plan, and faith in the Aslan who sacrificed himself for Edmund, they just might emerge victorious!

Now you can relive action-packed moments from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as Aslan's Camp comes to life in LEGO form! With 10,000 supporters, this set could become a reality. 

This model features a simple build designed for younger children that is true enough to the film to still be appreciated by adult collectors. Aslan's tent stands as the focal piece. In front of the tent sets a table with a detailed map of Narnia. The dryad's tree stands at the edge of the camp near a weapons stash that is ready for use in battle!

This model is ready for playtime!

  • Use the figurines and map in front of Aslan's tent as Peter and Orieus plan their attack strategy!
  • Keep your warriors versatile in all kinds of fighting with the variety of weapons that are included - spear, swords, and bow and arrows!
  • Enjoy lots of action and playtime with this model's healthy collection of minifigures!
  • Move the pieces of the camp about to create a larger play area - or buy multiple sets to create a bigger and more populous camp!

Recreate your favorite moments from the film with the following minifigures: 

  • NEW! Peter Pevensie (Battle)
  • NEW! Orieus the Centaur
  • NEW! Faun Warrior
  • NEW! Dwarf Warrior
  • NEW! Cherry Tree Dryad

If you're ready for action-packed LEGO Narnia excitement and building, click support! Then spread the word so that "Narnia: Aslan's Camp" can reach 10,000 supporters in record time!

Here are some things to look forward to on the journey to 10,000 supporters:

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NOTES: To give due credit, my design for the centaur is adapted from one found online by a user named hopeso 009, though I made my own adjustments and personal touches. Also, the horns on the faun's hairpiece would need to be printed (not a new mold) in keeping with the LEGO Ideas guidelines. 

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