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The Reclaimer


Hello Friends,

Enemies of NASA have claimed that they helped with and provided much information and data for various NASA projects.  They plan to use the Reclaimer to take back their stolen data.  NASA agents have not yet detected them and therefore the PASE (Private Australian Space Engineers) agents believe they can take them unawares.

I have created a project called the Reclaimer.  The Reclaimer is a laser guided camera rocket with the ability to fly 30,000 feet into the air and take detailed pictures at 29,000 feet.  It can self destruct if another laser guided base begins to take control of its flight path.

This project could also be used to play in the Star Wars theme, with Exo Suit, and with your own space base. I hope this project becomes a set, and I think it would be a big improvement for all LEGO builders.

Help make this a set by:

- Showing your friends.

- Sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.

- or Sharing it on Space/NASA websites.


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