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Modular Medieval Corner Inn

Every adventure has a beginning… Start yours at the Modular Medieval Corner Inn!
Here, secrets are spilled over warm tea as mysteries flicker in the candlelight. Songs of adventure are sung onstage to the clink of mugs, and prophecies are foretold through a crystal ball.

There’s no shortage of discoveries to make in the walls of this staggering 2999-piece 4-level modular set, complete with 10 rooms. It’s filled to the brim with details, from a fully equipped Kitchen and spacious detachable Dining Room beside the Stage, to a cozy Bedroom and elegant Artist’s Studio. Sneak upstairs to the Wizard’s Workshop or the Fortune Teller’s Attic to explore magic. And for the bravest of heroes, venture to the Tall Tower and jump through the portal to your next adventure.


This model is years in the making. I designed it as a love letter to the fantasy adventure genre which has always been at the heart of my imagination. Following the resurgence of LEGO fans’ passion for medieval-themed sets, I figured now was a perfect time to share this idea with the world – and I’d be honored to have your support.

Bonus Features

What exactly would you be voting for? In addition to the above details, here are a few more exciting features included:
-       2 hidden fully-functional light bricks – one in the turret to shine through the windows, and one in the chimney to light the kitchen oven
-       Nearly 2-dozen unique printed/sticker pieces to enhance medieval worldbuilding
-       Diverse accessories, from paintbrushes to bookshelves, scrolls and candelabras galore
-       Detachable building sections that can be rearranged interchangeably
-       A notice board to choose your adventure
-       A chicken coop… with 2 chickens!
-       6 Minifigures to assemble your adventure crew: Wizard, Artist, Musician, Fortune Teller, Knight, and Innkeeper

The Build

This model consists of 2999 pieces, measures 11” W x 11” L x 16” tall, and has 6 minifigures.

It's a visually exciting and detail-rich model, but it’s also an engaging build with intricate techniques employed in each section. Fun angles, bricks on their side, and interlocking connections that just make you smile. This is the perfect set to spark your imagination with limitless storytelling possibilities. Take on the role of any medieval hero and embark on your next adventure.

The Medieval Inn awaits your patronage. Begin your quest today!

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