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The Round Table


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Enter  the torch lit room of the Round Table and listen to King Arthur and his chivalrous Knights as they discuss the  new exploits they will set out on...  The room is enclosed by stone arches with battlements on the top. Green and dark grey bricks give the idea of an old and ruined wall.

The set is made of 643 bricks and contains 12 mini-figures:

- King Arthur with a blue cloak and Excalibur

- Sir Lancelot with a white cloak

- Sir Gawain with a grey cloak

- Sir Percival with a dark grey cloak

- Sir Bors with a red cloak

- Sir Lamorak with a light grey cloak

- Sir Kay with a green cloak

- Sir Gareth with a light brown cloak

- Sir Bedivere with an olive green cloak

- Sir Gaheris with a brown cloak

- Sir Galahad with a black cloak

- Sir Tristan with a yellow cloak


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