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Star Wars: the Modular Throne Room

For a long time Lego has never released a large version of the most memorable scene of the original trilogy: Darth Sidius Throne Room.
My design includes a rotating elevator, an ejection lever which pushes Sidius off the rail, a trap door leading to the lower chambers as well as six iconic mini-figures. If this becomes a real Lego set then Lego may even make a special repented Darth Vader mini-figure.
Below are some more photos of my design.

Below is the ejection lever...

The trap door and lower compartments...

Finally below is a close up of the emperor's throne.

For more photos go to " "

As Darth Vader would put it "You had better vote Commander, for your sake. The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am. " :)

So please help this set to become a reality.

5 supporters: August 28 (only 9995 to go!)

10 votes by September third :) (only 9990 to go!) :)

100 votes by September 5 (one year later)!

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