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DHL Express Trailer


Need a package delivered in Lego City. Well the Lego DHL Express can get it there in a blink of an eye. My DHL Express trailer uses yellow and red as its main color scheme. The DHL Express Logo is a sticker, and are put on both sides of the trailer. The trailer it self has two sets of access; one on the back of trailer. And one set of doors only on the one side of trailer. The trailer is to scale with smaller trucks, therefore has smaller tires and would need a smaller cab. It can stand up on its own. The cab shown in the picture is not part of this idea and is just used as an example to see what the trailer would look like with a 'to scale' cab. The trailer attaches to the cab by one technic pin. The inside is roomy. It can  be filled with 10-15 boxes (each box is a 2 x 2 brick with a 2 x 2 tile on top). The inside is roomy. It comes with some yellow and white boxes. The white boxes do have a print on them. The roof is easily removable for play. The DHL Express Trailer would be a great addition to any Lego City. 

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