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Futuristic Miniature-Scale Mars Base

The first step on martian soil. A future historic moment.

But, going even farther into the future: a mars base!

Inspired by the best movie of all time, "The Martian" (check it out on the very bottom of the description!), this Mars base has all the features an astronaut could ever dream of, starting from:

- 2 fully functional mars rovers
- A huge radar dish for communication to the ground crew
- A greenhouse (with potatoes, of course)
- Command Centre in the middle of it all
- 16 moisture collectors
- 2 Oxygen tanks
- A hangout shaft for the astronauts
- A futuristic "tool shed"
- Sleeping shaft

Made completely with Studio (see on the bottom of the description), this model took about 5 hours out of my life to make. But it was worth it! I definitely recommend this free software.

Well, I hope you guys support it, and you will probably see this in the next astronomy themed contest!

TrappistBrick  🛰

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