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Stitch Red One Microfigther


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Micro fighters - Red One

Why wouldn't you want the police cruiser red one from the movie Lilo & Stitch when its in its adorable micro fighter brick form? (and keeping to the color scheme) 
Fly around space with Stitch and even interact with other micro fighters from the star wars line.
[will update on the stud shooter - just waiting for my package of the multi shooter found in the new joker training poly-bag set 30523 to arrive.]

Set includes:

  • Stitch Mini-figure
  • Red one micro fighter


  • Captures most of the design of red one in micro-scale form
  • Play feature: stud shooter that can be "retracted"  up and down
    [shooter upgradable - will be unique in all the micro fighter line]
  • The color red
  • Swoosh-able 
  • adorable and scaled to size with other micro fighters

set comes with stud shooter, don't aim at people or animals

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