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Winter Alweg Monorail


    The Alweg monorail is dashing through the snow without being blocked by it(yes the snow as the base is done on purpose to show that the monorail will not be stopped by it)!   The single car can be moterized for an even better play time.  As all of the images show, the monorail track can be set on real snow without stopping the monorail that runs on it.  The train tracks are included to be used to keep the monorail track in line.  There are three different track elements to build the layout with.  The supports, which will contain two pieces each.  The straight track, which will be five pieces per section.  And last but not least, the curves, which will contain twenty nine pieces per section.  This means that 464 pieces will be needed to create a circle of track(not counting supports).  An oval with for sections of straight track would be 484 pieces(again without the supports).  32 pieces are needed for the supports to create a circle of supports only.  An oval of supports would need 40 pieces.  A full circle including supports would only need 496 pieces for the complete track structure.  The oval would need 524 pieces for the complete track structure. 16 lego curved tracks would be needed if they will be used to keep the track in line on a circle.  

    The monorail vehicle itself would need only 102 pieces for the whole vehicle.  This means that one set would need only 598 pieces for a set that has a complete circle of track, supports, and a single monorail car.  The oval would only need 626 pieces for the complete set including the track, supports, and monorail car.  This also means that one set could get sold for less money then a normal train set.  The sets will also be very cheap to mass produce meaning they might become very popular in almost no time.  Anyways, please injoy riding above the snow on a very fast monorail!

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