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Classic English Sports Car

This classic English sports car is the road-going version of my classic racing car, which I have already presented here on Lego ideas. In this road-going version, the focus was on luxury and suitability for everyday use. The car has a light leather interior. In addition to the front trunk for the spare wheel and tools, it also has a second trunk in the rear. This trunk has space for two suitcases. The sports car is powered by a powerful and robust 8 cylinder engine. My project shows the sports car in front of an English telephone booth. The driver just got out to make a phone call and his girlfriend is waiting in the car. In front of the phone booth a businessman is waiting who also wants to make a phone call. At the same time a policeman comes by and looks at the beautiful blue sports car.

The most important thing for me when designing this car was that all doors, the hood and the trunk can be opened. When you open the hood in the rear, you can see the 8 cylinder engine and the trunk loaded with two suitcases. When you open the front trunk, you can see the spare wheel and the tools. Both doors can be opened, and the car has room for two minifigures. The roof of the race car can be removed, so you can put the minifigures inside. The set consists of 699 bricks and contains 4 minifigures.

I created this set because I am a big fan of classic cars. And I think this set would be great for any fan of classic cars. If you like my set, please support it.

Thanks for your support!

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