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Project: Great White


Continuing my Mechanical shark army, I present to you the second largest mech I made code named Great White. This mech is the second mech after Project: Megalodon and takes his name from the current largest shark. While building this mech, I took a lot of inspiration from the western (American) styled 2 legged mechs that are usually heavily armored and instead of arms have heavy weaponry like canons and missiles.

This mech has a large canon on his left side and a missile launcher on his right side and little canons on his armored torso. The shark used for the head is a 5 inch rare shark made by Lego around 2009. This model also includes a smaller shark that operates a small mech that holds a tiny rifle and anchor.

I made this for fun, this mech is not based of any movie. It's just some that I wanted to make and share and I really like it, I hope that you are also interested in this mech because Project: Tiger will be posted really soon. A lot of time and designing when into this project so if you're reading this far you can give yourself a pat on the back!

Be sure to check out my other projects and a support would be really appreciated!

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