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Pronounced: Ac-ray-sus

This model is a custom built spaceship that i had in mind, it is supposed to be a 4 year mission upon this Ship to visit near by Systems and Stars with its detachable Crescent Hyperactive Velocity Engines, movable flaps and opening rear entrance to the Cockpit. Composed of about 1300 pieces, this model is very large,

It comes with a 2 man crew and 1 robot named G.R.E.G, but it also includes space suit version of the crew.

It has a detachable roof for more play-ability were you would find a Command console, two very fine looking chairs and a food/water compartment

This model is my first idea that isn't based off anything, so please feel free to leave suggestions.

I think this would be a large and cool set to anyone's collection, and YOU guys can make that happen.



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