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Ship In A Bottle, The Flagship Leviathan.


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This is my Lego ship in a bottle. A nostalgic build inspired by a timeless tradition practiced by craftsman the world over for centuries. Hailing from a time when exploration, worldwide trade, and the rise and fall of empires relied upon mighty sailing ships. At some point a few of the men who crewed these great ships began using old bottles, pieces of whale bone, string and various other scrap materials to create ships in bottles. Sold in ports around the world or given to loved ones these small works of art have fascinated and bewildered viewers ever since. This model features a very realistic bottle, an ornate stand, and of course a meticulously detailed micro scale ship. I believe it would be a great Lego set for both the satisfaction of a challenging build as well as the enjoyment of a beautiful display piece. In closing I just want to thank you for looking at my project, and to tell you that it is my sincere hope that with your support, as well as that of 9,999 of our friends, you too may have the opportunity to build and display this model as part of your collection.

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