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Exploration Hover Jet

Here's another proposal for my LEGO sci fi exploration Masters project, and this time it's the helicopter proposal, or in this case the hover jet. 

A lot of my pieces of automotive design are inspired by nature, and in this case I looked to insects such as crane flies and dragonflies for inspiration. The large hover jets, the long & thin body and the even the way that it lands were all inspired by these sorts of animals.

The set itself contains 593 bricks, and features some cool features including:

- rotating rear jets, which double up as the rear part of the landing gear

- large poseable hover jets

- hidden legs for landing gear

- opening rear hatch allowing access to container boxes

- detachable cargo vehicle

This set was designed very versatile in terms of how people can play with it; it could be used as a futuristic terrestrial helicopter, or equally it could be seen as an extra-terrestrial vehicle. Combine this with the fun build experience and poseability, this set playable, displayable, and is also great fun to build.

Hope you like the model, and as always support and feedback is greatly appreciated. And best wishes to you all for the New Year.



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