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Heirloom Jewellery Box

Introducing the Heirloom Jewellery Box

A timeless masterpiece. Handcrafted by you.

Inspired by some of the most bespoke jewellery boxes from the past 200 years, the Heirloom Jewellery Box brings you into the mind and hands of a master craftsman as you experience the process of forming an object both stunningly exquisite and eminently practical.

At over 40cm (15in) wide and 20cm (7.5in) deep the Heirloom Jewellery Box is a piece that you and your family will treasure and admire for generations to come.

With full-sized trays, ring holders to secure and display your precious pieces, and an intriguing world tucked away in a secret drawer, building the Heirloom Jewellery Box allows you to dance between creative imagination and remaining truly grounded.

As you open the lid, you’ll feel the satisfying action of delicately sprung Technic hinges. Remove the top tray and uncover a resplendent moonlit ocean. Press the glowing moon to smoothly reveal the hidden world in the secret drawer.

Enter into the world you’ve created and you’ll want to take the path of steppingstones around the lake. Lose yourself in the lush scenery, admire snow-capped mountains, explore an overgrown cave, discover ancient temple ruins, and splash under a waterfall while the sun sets in the valley. Then unwind on the golden pier, dangling your legs over the cool water while enjoying the view out across the lake at dusk.

Once you fill the Heirloom Jewellery Box with treasures and memories, every time you catch a glimpse of it in your home, you’ll marvel at the gorgeous design flourishes, and feel the deep satisfaction from having lovingly crafted such a functional piece or art with your own hands.

If you'd like to bring this highly desirable set home to cherish, let the LEGO Ideas team hear you by supporting this product proposal, and share your love of the Heirloom Jewellery Box with everyone you know and love.

Together, we can bring this to life in homes around the world!

To the 10,000 of you I’m yet to meet, you each have my eternal gratitude! Here’s hoping!

Matthew Cruz
(aka MadDad Bricks)

Find me everywhere @MadDadBricks


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